I would like to thank my friends, artists and overall talented people who have helped me through the years.

Lila Hurwitz - consultant, social media & public relations

Ray Freeman - book editor, architect, friend

Dave Francis -  artist, friend, supporter

Inna Shmelyova - art manager and consultant 

Megan Woo - Web design and development

System Three Resins (Dick Anderson, Kern Hendricks, John Bartlett) - my art chemicals and materials supplier

Bill Traver and the William Traver Gallery team - help with everything! 

Andrew Glass - artist, part of the MAAP group

Ted Crawford - artist, part of the MAAP group

Rick Araluce - artist, friend and supporter 

Steve Jensen - artist, friend, arts supporter

Tom DeGroot - artist, friend


Jeff Mihalyo - artist, Web support


Steve Davis & Kathleen Hunt / Samadhi Yoga Studio - inspiration and spiritual guidance

Dale Fanning - musician and friend

Gregory Grenon & Mary Josephson, Portland artists and friends

Reilly Jensen - artist and friend

Michael Spafford -  art professor  

Christopher Kroehler - artist and friend

Scott Wilson - artist, friend, graphic designer for "Material Witness" exhibit 

Blake Kremer - friend and supporter

Elise Gilbert - friend and supporter

Pat Wickline - friend and donor of Microsoft software

Jef Gunn - fellow Traver artist and friend

Don Ice - friend and supporter 

Tracy Boyd - artist and friend

Liz Gotterer - friend

Stacie Chappell - artist and friend

Karen Ganz - artist and friend

Jaq Chartier - artist and friend

Kait Roads - artist and friend 

Roger Shurtleff - artist and friend 

Nancy Guppy, actress, TV host (Art Zone and City a Go Go on Seattle Channel), supporter and arts advocate

Tim Agulara - photography support

Tim Jergens - industrial painter

Bobby Wheeler - plumbing help

Justin Geary - electrical support  

Jim Hearsey - supporter

Mike Sweeney - career help

Dino Martini - art dealer and consultant

Bradford Bohonus - photographer specializing in 360 degree virtual reality

Regan Brewer - supporter 

Ouch My Eye - artists collective 

COCA - Painting marathons 









The MAAP Group (Material Artists of the American Pacific)

Andrew Glass, Alan Fulle, & Tad Crawford at Alan's "Gem Box 2008 Show" at William Traver Gallery.  The three artists were part of the Art Garden group show in Drenthe Netherlands in May 2008.